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How to: Make a Nature Memory Box for Dementia Awareness Week 2017

Posted: Monday 15th May 2017 by WildCommunities

Dementia Awareness Week 2017 runs from Mon 15th May - Sun 21st May. At the Wild Communities Project, we have created a memory box for the Ystradgynlais Red Cross Dementia Ward, and would love to inspire others to do the same for people they know that are living with Dementia.

For people living with Dementia, an easy to create memory box can stimulate precious recollections of people, places and times gone by. These memories can prompt positive conversation and engagement between the person living with dementia and their loved ones.

Things to bear in mind when choosing objects for your box (decorated shoe boxes work perfectly) are that they are not too heavy or sharp edged (I sand-papered the shells and stones in ours) and that the objects included will encourage only positive memories.

You can make a memory box about any subject, from rugby, to camping holidays, to baking! Naturally, we have focused our box’s contents around the ideas of nature and the wilderness, and we hope that this inspires you to create something similar!

Our Ideas:

  • Dried flowers.
  • A photo or postcard of a wild place.
  • A piece of knobbly (but not splintery or sharp) bark.
  • Clean feathers.
  • Sheep’s wool (make sure it’s lanolin free to avoid allergic reactions.)
  • A clean, blown egg shell.
  • A stack of plastic plant pots.
  • A thick bunch of freshly cut grass tied with a ribbon (Possible allergy risk – always check first.)
  • A CD of birdsong.
  • Some dried moss.
  • A small oak branch with leaves and catkins coming off it.
  • Flower, herb or vegetable seed packets.
  • Something that smells like lavender, or a few sprigs of lavender.
  • Clean shells from the seaside, with lots of ridges to feel (limpets, mussels, common cockle, conch or tulip are good ones to pick).
  • Cardboard cut out butterflies or bees.
  • A tupperware of clean sand (sieve the sand carefully for any sharp or unwanted objects.)

If you’d like to get involved as a volunteer with Wild Communities, give Sarah or Chris a call on 01639 844 273, or email us:


Until next time! Sarah, Wild Communities Project Assistant

Ewch yn Wyllt, Ewch yn Fedrus, Cadwch yn Iachus
Go Wild, Get Skilled, Stay Well


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