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Autumn Wild Flower Sowing

Posted: Tuesday 10th October 2017 by WildCommunities

Autumn is the perfect time to sow wildflower seeds in time for them to come up for spring. Sowing at this time mimics nature, which is dropping dried seeds into the soil and grasses as summer ends.


A patch of well draining earth - the less nutrient rich the better (have you noticed wildflowers flourish on waste ground?)

Credit: Lee Dobson on behalf of Durham County Council.




Sow September to October time.


Use a gardening fork or a rake to break up the top layer of earth. Remove any tough grasses, unless you are sowing seeds like Yellow rattle (Rhinanthus minor) Eyebright (Euphrasia species) or Lousewort (Pedicularis palustris and P.Sylvatica). These are parasitic on grass roots. Do not add fertiliser as this encourages vigorous grass growth.

Sprinkle your wildflower seeds by hand. Pure wildflower seed should be sown at roughly 1g per sq m and wildflower and grass seed mixes at roughly 5g per sq m.

If the seeds are so tiny you are finding this tricky, mix them with sharp or silver sand to make them easy to scatter (builders sand has chemicals in it and should not be used).

Rake the seeds in lightly, covering them with a light top layer of soil. Then water them in and look forward to next spring when you should have a wildflower patch full of little visitors, be they bees, flies or moths.

Important Note

Garden ‘wildflower’ seed mixes sold in some shops may contain non-native seeds. These should be avoided and should not be sown in the countryside, on private land or on Wildlife Trust nature reserves.


We are sowing wildflower seeds and reshaping the Ystradgynlais Library gardens. Next 2 sessions are on Tuesday the 17th October & Tuesday 7th November, 10am - 12pm.

If you’d like to become a volunteer with the Wild Communities project in the Upper Tawe Valley, give Sarah, Pauline or Chris a call for a friendly chat on 01639 844 273.

Happy sowing.
Sarah, Wild Communities Project Assistant

Picture credit Swansea Council. A wildflower roundabout, Swansea.

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