Remember wildlife - Leave a gift in your will


A gift in your will is one of the most valuable and meaningful ways you can help local wildlife

Once you have remembered your loved ones in your Will, please consider a legacy to Brecknock Wildlife Trust. A gift made in your Will provides us with a vital source of income and helps to ensure we can continue our work protecting the county’s wildlife well into the future.  From protecting ancient woodland to wildflower meadows, every gift, large or small, can make a real difference.

How would we use your gift?

Every gift large or small will be used to benefit wildlife, here are some examples of how your gift could help:

A gift of £500 could buy 50 Dormice or Bird boxes

A gift of £1000 could support volunteers to carry out crucial management on threatened habitats and species.

A gift of £5000 could be used to run a wildlife programme for children.

A gift of £10,000 could provide protection for an endangered species.

A gift of £50,000 could enable important wildlife sites to be bought and protected forever.

What type of gift could you leave?

You can choose which type of gift you would like to leave in your will:

A share of your estate
You may choose to leave whatever is left over once all your other legacies have been made and all costs met. You may wish to specify fractions or percentages of your estate or the residue (balance left) after other gifts and commitments have been made.

A sum of money
This is when you choose to leave a specific sum of money to a person, organisation or charity. Please remember that inflation may impact on the value of this legacy.

A specific gift
When you wish to leave a specific item such as a painting, books, jewellery, an area of land, stocks and shares, or property.

How do I go about it?

If you need to make a Will we would recommend that you talk to a professional Will writer e.g. a solicitor or advocate in order to ensure your Will is legally correct and that all your wishes are clear.

If you have already made a Will and would like to add a gift in your will to Brecknock Wildlife Trust, your professional Will writer can add your request to your existing Will – this is known as a Codicil.

Information you will need

In order to leave a gift in your will to Brecknock Wildlife Trust you will need:
1. Charity name: Brecknock Wildlife Trust
2. Address: Lion House, Bethel Square, Brecon, Powys, LD3 7AY
3. Registered charity number: 239674

How to get in touch

For more detailed information or to discuss your gift in confidence please contact the Trust by telephone on 01874 625708 or email cmorgan@brecknockwildlife

If you wish to download a copy of our Legacy leaflet please click on the link below.


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