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Want to learn more about wildlife? Need an inspirational speaker? Want to know more about Brecknock Wildlife Trust and its nature reserves?

Staff from Brecknock Wildlife Trust and volunteer experts can deliver a talk for you at your chosen location. Our current speakers and their chosen topics are as follows, we ask that if you would like to book a speaker then you contact us well in advance of the event date as our speakers get booked up very quickly!


Bats: Phil Morgan our County Mammal Recorder shares his expertise on these nocturnal mammals and why Brecknock is a special place for bats.





Birds: Andrew King has lived in the Brecon area for over twenty years, and has been Breconshire Bird Recorder for seven years. He produces the annual BWT publication 'Breconshire Birds' to act as a permanent record of how fortunes of birds locally might be changing.




Dragonflies & Damselflies: How to identify different species, where to see them, their different life stages in and out of the water and many striking pictures by the County Dragonfly recorder, Keith Noble.




Dormouse: Phil Morgan shares his expertise on the ecology of the Hazel Dormouse an enigmatic species that may be more common than we think.





Moths: Norman Lowe our County Moth Recorder will describe the wonderful world of moths and show some of the different kinds that can be attracted to your garden.





Wildflowers of the area: This talk by John Crellin is tailored to your local area. John will give an illustrated talk about wildflowers photographed locally. You may be surprised by what you can find within a short distance of your meeting place.




Bee on Achillea (c) Keith NobleWildlife Gardening: Keith Noble will give an illustrated talk on birds, butterflies, dragonflies, toads and more, all photographed in a Brecon garden. Keith will show the plants and other garden features that support wildlife, and foods to attract birds.




All speakers are volunteers or staff members of the Trust and we ask for a minimum donation of £25 to cover our expenses and support our charitable work. 

To book a speaker please e-mail Clare Morgan, contact us on 01874 625708 or download and fill in the form below and post it to our office.


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