Living Seas

Snakelocks (c) Andy Pearson

Living seas is The Wildlife Trust's vision for the future of the sea around Wales and the UK. Within Living Seas, marine wildlife thrives, from the depths of the sea to the coastal shallows.

Currently, the seas around Wales are not Living Seas. For centuries we have taken the seas' riches for granted, taking too much with little care.

The common skate, once abundant, is on the brink of extinction in the Irish Sea. The worlds second largest fish, the basking shark can be found in Welsh waters during the summer months. However their numbers have fallen by more than 95% around the UK. Fragile marine habitats are literally being ripped from the seabed.

Thankfully, it is not too late to turn this situation around. Our seas and sea life have a remarkable capacity to recover- but only if we give them a chance. If we act now, Living Seas are within our grasp.

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